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The Reckoning - Kelley Armstrong Hmm... I think I would have loved this book, except...THE ENDING. WHY DID IT END LIKE THAT. Kelley Armstrong, I have too many questions and not nearly enough answers.

I know the characters continue on in another series, but...still. I hate being left hanging like that, y'know, especially at the end of the third book of a trilogy. I guess that's part of life and/or reading?

Other notes: the love-triangle's ending was predictable but endearing (and, thankfully, WAY healthier and "normal" than in any other supernatural or teen books), the plot was (mostly) as invigorating as the previous two book's plots have been, the world-building (or world-continuation since, as I've heard, this is set in the same universe as Kelley Armstrong's previous series?) was impeccably done, the character development was thorough and as gritty as ever... so, really, what's not to love?

*Ahem* Well, the ending... but maybe my anger at the cliffhanger is starting to steer me towards Kelley Armstrong's newest series.

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